Endow A Fund

Giving in Perpetuity

Alt="endowment giving – Conquer Cancer FoundationEndowments provide a lasting financial donation that greatly impacts cancer research, education, and quality of care long after the initial gift is made.

You may wish to invest in the Foundation’s Mission Endowment for unrestricted use, or provide income for the fund of your choice to support a specific need; such as breast cancer research. Ultimately, your gift will provide enduring support and serve as a meaningful way to leave a legacy in cancer care.

To fully fund and be eligible to name and designate an endowment, donors must meet minimum requirements. Gifts may be pledged over up to five years, with the endowment fund being named when the minimum is reached.

If you would like to learn more, please call us at 571-483-1700 or email us at info@conquercancerfoundation.org to discuss your philanthropic goals.