Improving Cancer Care Grant

The Improving Cancer Care Grant (ICCG), funded by Susan G. Komen®, provides extramural cancer research funding to address important issues regarding access to healthcare, quality of care, and delivery of care, with general applicability to breast cancer. The goal of this cancer grant program is to encourage multi-disciplinary research that will have a major impact on cancer care, with general applicability in the breast cancer arena.

Proposals must be focused on developing solutions to current problems, not just describing disparities in care that currently exist. Proposals must be research-focused, with specific aims and hypothesis, not a request for support of a program.

The Improving Cancer Care Grant (ICCG) is a three-year cancer research grant totaling $1.35 million, paid in three annual increments of $450,000.

For more information on the ICCG, please read the most recent Request for Proposals.