Donor Spotlight

Each donation has a story. This donor recognition page is dedicated to the stories behind the people that are donation to this great cause. The latest donor spotlights can be found below:

Claremonster Racing  When Steve Claremon’s father passed away from a rare form of non-Hodgkins lymphoma in 2010 he wanted to do something to both honor his father’s memory and raise money for leukemia and lymphoma research.  For Steve, a consummate athlete with a passion for endurance sports, competing in an Ironman race was a meaningful way to pay homage to his father on the anniversary of his passing while raising funds to support blood cancer research through the Conquer Cancer Foundation’s Grants & Awards program. Read more about Steve’s decision to compete in the Timberman Ironman 70.3 Half-Ironman distance race in Gilford, NH.  

Tyler Fenton The Conquer Cancer Foundation was contacted by an eighth grade student, who wanted to help make a difference in cancer care.  At only 14 years old, Tyler Fenton roused his friends and family to action against cancer and inspired hope within and beyond his community. For his 14th birthday, Tyler organized a fundraising event for cancer research and with the help of local vendors and a family friend who could donate a gymnasium for the day, he held a spinning (indoor cycling) party and accepted donations to benefit the Conquer Cancer Foundation. Read more about Tyler, his family and his commitment to conquer cancer.


Willie Tichenor & The Quad W (What Would Willie Want) Foundation  Willie, Lisa Tichenor’s 16-year-old son, had just played his very first professional gig with his band, CloverStreet. Walking to the car, he told his mother about the hard lump that had appeared in his thigh – new physical evidence of the generalized pain that had eluded explanation, in test after test, for three months. “I think I know where the pain in my leg’s coming from, Mom,” he said. Osteosarcoma had invaded the Tichenor family’s reality. Over the next three years, Willie Tichenor would endure 12 surgical procedures, 32 intensive chemotherapy treatments, 12 blood transfusions, and 17 hospital stays. He would also graduate from high school, road trip to Florida with his friends during spring break, get a part-time job, perform with his band at the South By Southwest Festival, rent his own apartment, participate in a church youth group mission to build houses in Juarez, Mexico, and enroll for a semester at the University of Texas. Read More.

Dr. Miodrag Kukrika and the late Ewa Maria Kukrika  Some of the Foundation’s grants and awards are provided through funds from individuals and family foundations. In 2008, the Ewa Maria Kukrika Fund for Pancreatic Cancer Research supported a Young Investigator Award in the area of pancreatic cancer. Read More.  

Jennifer Fuhrman  After several of Jennifer Fuhrman’s relatives were diagnosed with cancer, the medical student decided to make a sacrifice in the name of advancing cancer care: her hair. Jennifer began accepting donations encouraging her to either shave her head or keep her hair; her decision would rest on whichever side had amassed more funds by her March 26, 2010 deadline. Read More.  

The Cott Family & the Webster Elementary School, Malibu, California  After learning about the kidney cancer diagnosis of 20-year Webster Elementary School principal Phil Cott, students from the local elementary and high schools banded together in support. Volunteers – led by Mr. Cott’s 17-year-old daughter Rachel and 14-year-old son Daniel – began fundraising by selling bracelets to represent kidney cancer awareness. The group hoped to donate to a cancer-related organization focused on making progress with science and research; their search led them to the Conquer Cancer Foundation. Read More.