Patient Advocate Scholarship Program

Patient Advocates

Patient advocates work to address a wide array of issues affecting people with cancer, including the advancement of cancer research, legislative and regulatory matters related to cancer care and research, improving the quality of cancer care, raising public awareness of the disease, and providing support to those living with cancer.  Whether advocates are operating from an individual or organizational level, locally or nationally, The Conquer Cancer Foundation supports their efforts and offers opportunities and resources to promote all types of advocacy for people with cancer.  We are committed to giving patient advocates access to the cutting-edge cancer information that they need.

Through our Patient Advocate Scholarship Program, advocates are awarded scholarships to attend the Annual Meeting of The American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) and ASCO Symposia, where they will:

Learn about the latest advances in cancer research

Develop skills in understanding and communicating research and information on issues such as cancer prevention, screening, diagnosis, treatment, and survivorship

Engage in networking and collaborative efforts with fellow advocates and advocacy organizations

2015 Patient Advocate Scholarship Program Supporters*:

Onyx Pharmaceuticals
Patient Access Network Foundation
Takeda Oncology
Teva Oncology

*This list reflects comittments as of May 5, 2015.

We encourage you to learn more about our Patient Advocate Scholarship Program as well as additional programs that ASCO offers for advocates by visiting  the Advocacy and Policy section on ASCO’s patient website, Cancer.Net.  If you would like to sponsor a patient advocate to attend an ASCO meeting, please contact us at