Corporate Conquerors Circle


Mission Statement
Conquering cancer by fostering collaborative efforts between critical stakeholders.

A community of organizations working together to improve the quality of care in cancer.

About the CCF Corporate Conquerors Circle
The CCF Corporate Conquerors Circle invites organizations committed to improving cancer care in their communities to join us. The CCF Corporate Conquerors Circle provides a forum for like-minded organizations to work together on key issues within the domains of cancer care.  The CCF Corporate Conquerors Circle intends to improve and impact quality of care for cancer patients. Our Corporate Conquerors Circle Members include people and organizations committed to helping people with cancer and related conditions. 


  • Gain perspectives on Member insights and challenges
  • Provide opportunities for Members to work together on key issues
  • Promote highest quality of patient care 
  • Advance innovation that impacts quality of patient care

Expected Outcomes:

  • Increased collaborations between Members
  • Improved communication between all stakeholders
  • Engaging in transparent discussions to improve quality of care

Joining the 2017 CCF Corporate Conquerors Circle:

  • 2017 Member term: June 1, 2017 – May 31, 2018
  • Prospective members must:
    • Be legally organized and operated (including corporations, companies, nonprofit organizations, foundations, trusts, partnerships, and sole proprietorships);
    • Be committed to improving the quality of care for cancer patients worldwide;
    • Complete a member application by April 21, 2017; and
    • Commit to abide by the CCF Corporate Conquerors Circle Member Expectations and Antitrust Guidelines

*Additional eligibility criteria may apply. All prospective members and current members shall submit an application for each year in which they wish to be a member of the Corporate Conquerors Circle. Approval of membership applications shall be at the sole discretion of the Conquer Cancer Foundation.

Please contact with any questions or for more information.