Mission and Vision

Our Mission Statement: Conquering cancer worldwide by funding breakthrough cancer research and sharing cutting-edge knowledge.

Our Vision: A world free from the fear of cancer.

From the instant that the word cancer is spoken, life’s major and minor chords are played differently.

Relationships may take on new dimensions. Plans and priorities may shift. New insights may come. And one discovers the fundamental truth that cancer is not navigated alone.

In treatment and beyond, patients are surrounded by their own unique networks of friends, family members, colleagues, faith communities, and other sources of support – as well as doctors, nurses, and other health care professionals who have devoted their lives to conquering cancer. And, behind the scenes, researchers are working to discover the secrets of the disease, in its many forms.

Every day, they are all locked together in a valiant effort to sustain life. And, more often than ever before – as our worldwide community of cancer survivors continues to grow dramatically – life prevails.

We’re fusing the energy of those essential partnerships with the transformative power of knowledge – fueling a sweeping, interdisciplinary global movement to conquer cancer.

We channel the expertise and experience of more than 35,000 oncology professionals – people who treat cancer in every form. And we are driven by the hope, talent, and cancer donations of people everywhere who have been touched by cancer and share our vision.

Established by the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO), the Foundation supports vitally important clinical research, patient education, and patient advocacy programs that benefit the world today and create new hope for the future. We fund initiatives spearheaded by the Foundation itself, by ASCO, and by program partners that stand among the most passionate, respected organizations working today in the global campaign against cancer. Our focus extends from prevention through diagnosis, treatment, end-of-life care, and survivorship.

Our organization was created by the world’s preeminent cancer specialists. People who challenge cancer every day, using treatments born of visionary cancer research. People who are well acquainted with the human cost of this disease – and see the vast scientific and clinical opportunities for conquering it. People who know the urgency of our mission and witness the impact of this work.

We approach our mission statement with scientific rigor, with empathy, and with a powerful sense of urgency born of experience.

People living with cancer – and those who treat them – must blend the art and science of clinical decision making with an exquisite appreciation for quality of life. At the Conquer Cancer Foundation, that clarity guides our decision making and touches every aspect of our work. Everything we do – the programs we support, the cancer research we fund – seeks to answer the most compelling clinical questions and meet the real-life needs of patients.

We’re supporting groundbreaking work wherever we can make a difference – wherever physicians and researchers exchange ideas, and whenever patients and families need answers. We’re working in communities throughout the United States and around the world. And we’re working on cancer’s full continuum – from diagnosis, to the myriad questions and answers associated with treatment, to the full ripeness of survivorship, to the end-of-life decisions that will leave a lasting legacy for so many families.

Through support of innovative work by promising young researchers, we are building a vital pipeline of talent that will carry our mission far into the future.

  •  By supporting the work of seasoned investigators, we continue to fill a vast, ever-expanding reservoir of knowledge.
  •  Through fellowships that bring international colleagues to the United States for clinical and research collaborations, we are building a worldwide network of cancer specialists. 
  •  By collaborating with creative program partners, we are working to ensure that high-quality cancer care is accessible to all patients. 
  •  By funding the development of easily accessible publications, online resources, and live events, we are helping to bring up-to-the-minute information into patients’ homes, physicians’ offices, and other clinical settings.

Virtually everyone in the world, in some way and at some point, will be touched by cancer.

Cancer has a profound impact on every life that it touches. But equally profound is the extraordinary difference that we can make together … starting right now.

Your cancer donation to the Conquer Cancer Foundation could give a mother hope for her child’s future, or give a father time to walk his daughter down the aisle. You could give a young couple the gift of growing old together. You could give a family another summer at the beach, another holiday season, another chance to collect the everyday memories that will smooth the sharp edges of grief someday.You could give a renewed sense of possibility to millions of survivors.

Our work together nourishes individual lives. It builds communities. And it gives people the time and the vitality to teach, create new art, achieve extraordinary scientific breakthroughs, and change the world.

The campaign to conquer cancer requires each of us to bring our greatest gifts.
Together, anything is possible.